Welcome to Happy Feet Performance Academy, a vibrant and welcoming Stoke-on-Trent based dance school.

Happy Feet Performance Academy (or P.A.) for short is the only Performance Academy in the area, with concentration being on how to be a performer alongside first class technique training.

Where are the classes that teach a student how to ‘Dance with Confidence?’ That is what Happy Feet Performance Academy aims to do. With regular shows and showcases in different theatres across the region we hope to enrich each student’s knowledge of the theatre world and help them to become more confident young people. The theatre experience starts as soon as you walk through our studio doors; we have a Stage Right Studio, Stage Left Studio, a Dressing Room and a Green Room ensuring our students learn the correct theatre terminology from the beginning.


Zumba® Fitness is the Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive.


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My daughters had never shown an interest in dancing until Miss Grace came to Brownies for a taster session, from that moment my daughters loved dancing and Miss Grace, that was three years ago and we haven’t looked back since, now they dance twice and week and have been in numerous shows and events, we have even had a dancing birthday party. More importantly my daughters confidence has grown along with their ability, they have taken exams in ballet and tap but only if they wanted to.The children in all the classes are friendly everyone supports each other even us parents. I have always been impressed by Miss Graces’ professionalism and her aptitude with all the children. Classes are small and personable making you feel part of the Happy Feet family'.

Tracy (has 3 daughters at Happy Feet)